Shoulderless Veneer on lateral incisor

Performed by:   Dr. Bordonali Daniele       D.T. Tarascio Emanuele



Lateral incisor was fractured during a football match. the patient came at my attention asked to solve this issue, he also asked me if it was possible to align the incisor without orthodontics treatment.

An impression with silicone material was taken to do a wax up, and after studying the case together with my dental technician Emanuele Tarascio, the treatment option was an indirect restoration: a vertical veneers.

On the wax up a silicone index was made to allow the right reduction of dental structure during tooth preparation, after the tooth preparation an impression with pos was taken and send to laboratory.

A 0.5 mm feldspathic veneer was made with platinum foil technique and a conventional adesive cementation protocol was used the day of the delivery.

The advantage to use shelterless veneer are: Minimally invasive in the cervical area. Saves dental structure and allows enamel preservation in the cervical area. In fact, this approach may contribute to limiting pulpal irritation in vital teeth as a consequence of a well preserved pulp preparation distance in the cervical area, which represents the most sensitive zone for the pulp.
Possibility of positioning the marginal finish line at different levels, either more coronally or more apically within the gingival sulcus, without affecting the quality of the restoration’s marginal adaptation. Possibility of modulating the emergence profile. Easy and fast to execute. Ease of impression taking.



# 1 Initial fracture on the incisor edge




# 2 patient smile




# 3 stone model




# 4 derotation on the model




# 5 wax up vestibular




# 6 wax up occlusal




# 7 silicone index





# 8 tooth preparation




# 9 silicone index check




# 10 after tooth preparation




# 11 impression with silicone material and one cord




#12 resin model




# 13 abutment




#14 platinum foil on the abutment




# 15 layering




#16 gold powder the veneer to highlight the shape of the veneer




# 17 0.5 mm feldspathic veneer




# 18 the abutment 1 week after preparation




# 19 isolation and bonding




# 20 margin finishing with blade n 12




# 21 veneer




# 22 veneer




# 23 veneer



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