Shoulderless Crown and Veneers on central incisors



Performed by:

Dr Daniele Bordonali       D.T. Emanuele Tarascio



The patient came at my and Emanuele attention asking for old crown replacement, and to fix the old restoration on the left central incisor. The tissues were very inflamed due to the old crown. The reason was for the marginal imprecision on the old shoulder preparation that lead at inflamed tissue.

The abutment was also discromic so we decided to do not perform a perimetrical build up because Emanuele needed space to cover the dark abutment so i only prepared the tooth with shoulder less technique deleting the old shoulder to convert in an edgeless preparation, also performed a rotary gingival curettage inside the sulcus to allow a re-epithelization of exposed connective tissue from contiguous oral epithelium. The formation of a new lamina propria and junctional epithelium and a return to the original quality and distribution of micro- vascularization of the tissue, occur rapidly and predictably.


#1 Baseline, smiling patient



#2 old crown and restoration



#3 shoulderless  crown preparation edgeless approach



#4 shoulderless   veneers preparation



#5 teeth after preparation



#6  laboratory step Zirconia core



#7 laboratory step platinum foil veneer



#8 laboratory step veneer and crown on the model



#9 Delivery



#10 tissue check



#11 before and after



#12 smiling patient



#13 smilling patient before/after


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