A case of Conventional Complete Dentures which spans 5 yrs

Performed by: Shivangi Gajwani Jain


Abstract: We began this case with partially edentulous arches which eventually led to complete edentulousness. Conventional complete dentures were the treatment provided due to reasons which can be inferred by going through the case. With time the relines were repeated and her bite stabilized.

Till her next visit.




#1      5 Yrs back.. 82 yrs old patient was referred to us for Dentures.




#2      H/O Tracheostomy due to carcinoma, speech problems and loss of teeth due to periodontal issues




#3      Maxillary arch has inflamed mucosa, due to losing fitting interim partial denture. Presence of old bridge and a canine. She refused to touch the remaining upper teeth. Fear of “No Teeth




#4      Mandibular were grade 2 mobile, extractions were suggested to which she consented.





#5      Mandibular 3 teeth were extracted. And this is what we were left with.





#6  After her many surgeries and failed attempts to restore her teeth, she was referred to me for Conventional Dentures. I know, I had my doubts… But we had to try. So the following procedures were done. Mandibular final cast.





#7 Procedures done 5 yrs ago





#8 The impressions




#9 Recording the vestibular space






#10 The mandibular denture






#11 Maxillary Acrylic partial denture was remade and the lower denture was relined. It was stable. #12 Speech and appearance were greatly improved






#13 The workings…






#14  6months and the patient returns with pain






#15  After removing the old bridge- retracted





#16 After removing the old bridge-at rest







#17 Maxillary Arch. After removing the bridge






#18 The day of Insertion. Extractions are done. Immediate Maxillary denture placed.















# 19b Absence of a proper trial





#20 Immediate denture







#21 Patient was happy but…







#22 Back for new dentures







#23 Mandibular final impression    #24 Maxillary final impression







#25 Maxillary Denture   #26 light abrasion of mandibular denture.. For soft reline  #27 Depth cuts  #28 Making it even







#29  Cleaned and primer applied    #30  Reline






#31 Spaces in Dentures.. Was a challenge. Did chairside adjustments, Finally She Approved







#32 Her final smile








#33 Her journey with us.



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