A Case of Fractured Lateral Incisor


Performed by: Shivangi Gajwani Jain


Abstract: When working on a single anterior tooth/crown, it is difficult to match it perfectly to the rest of the teeth. Lab support is critical in such cases and many a times the details get lost in communication. Sharing one such case. Patient is a 28yr old female with history of trauma leading to fracture of right lateral incisor.

The broken fragment was bonded post root canal 3months back as a temporary solution by another dentist.

Her Major Concern: Esthetics.

Treatment rendered: Gingivectomy, Post and core build up with Emax Crown.



#1      28 yrs old patient. H/O trauma


#2       Root canal was done 3months back and the broken fragment bonded to the   remaining tooth.


#3      Concerns: Esthetics and longevity, fear of losing this tooth


#4      Gingivectomy

#5      Part of Old fragment removed

#6  Broken / re bonded part

#7 Old composite, caries and stains

#8 Isolation in Progress, More teeth for better visualization and ease of working

#9 Cavity preps in Central and canine. All clean

#10 Cavity preps in Central and canine

#11 Post and Core build up

#12 Adjacent fillings done. Post and Core build up done: Labial View

#13 Post and Core build up. Palatal view

#14 #15  Post Op Xray and  Buccal view: Single cord

#16 Buccal view: Double cord

#17  Stump Shade

#18 Impression

#19 Crown: Emax

#20 Healing after 4 days, immediately after temporary removal

#21 Immediately post bonding

#22 Palatal view

#23 Recall, Gingival healing

#24  Recall: Smile



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