Deep Margin Extension requires good isolation

Performed by: Maciej Czerwiński



In deep, almost to the bone level caries proper isolation is essential. In the same time it is the most difficult part to obtain. TeflonNapkin and TeflonIsolation can help with achieving perfect isolation.


#1 Initial state. Secondary caries on second lower molar.

#2 Initial state. Secondary caries on second lower molar.

#3  Initial isolation. As you can see there is still leakage from under the rubber dam

#4 Clamp reposition will allow for better rubber dam inversion

#5 Deep caries

#6  Caries detector placed inside and outside cavity.

#7 Clean cavity margin

#8 Some stains in deeper part of the cavity. We have to remember that caries detector shows also demineralized dentine.

#9 Lack of isolation

#10 TeflonNapkin and TeflonIsolation to improve isolation and retract rubber dam

#11 Tor Saddle matrix is one of the best solution in such situation.

#12 TeflonFloss technique to obtain proper matrix adaptation

#13 Occlusal anatomy and staining

#14  Final outcome after bite corrections

#15 X-rays before and after.


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