Tooth 26: Endo-Resto Continuum

Performed by: dr Stevan Kopanja


Female patient, 27 years old, came to my office with chief complaint on pain during biting and swelling. There was history of direct pulp capping by previous dentist almost 1 year ago. Treatment was performed in 3 visits. First visit: removal of previous restoration, conservative access, instrumentation of 4 canals [BM, BM2, BD, P], desinfection, calcium-hydroxide dressing. Second visit: after couple weeks sinus track was not present, all symptoms were gone,and obturation was done using AH+ sealer and gutta percha. In third visit we made final restoration: direct composite filling.

Orifices and chamber was closed with glass-ionomer cement, and final restoration was made with Filtek Ultimate composite.

#1 pre operative retroalveolar radiograph         #2 pre operative: fistula and buccal swelling


#3 removal of previous composite restoration

#4 conservative endodontic access, identification of BM2 canal

#5 obturation, AH+ and gutta percha

#6  radiograph control     #7 radiograph control


#8 sandblasting of chamber

#9 glass-ionomer cement over orifices

#10 hyperchromatic dentin

#11 cusp-by-cusp reconstruction

#12 cusp-by-cusp reconstruction

#13 cusp-by-cusp reconstruction

#14  finishing of composite restoration

#15 final restoration

#16 final restoration

#17 bucal fornix



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