Vertical Preparation for the Abutments

Performed by: Dr Naveed Anjum


Patient presented with multiple restorations done before and missing teeth. She is in mid forties and wanted to have beautiful smile. She is having missing teeth 14,11,24 in upper arch that arch that are restored with conventional and cantilever bridge. As we we are planning to restore the full upper arch for lighter shade so ,So new conventional bridges are planned at 13,14,15—12,11,21—23,24,25 and 3/4 crown on tooth no 22, Implants to restore missing 34,35,36,37 and changing the short crown on tooth no 44,45.

In the 1st phase implants were installed at 37,34,35 and upper anterior cantilever bridge removed and abutments 12 and 21 prepared with vertical preparation technique and temp bridge provided with Ovate Pontic. At the Pontic area 11 CT graft is placed baccaly to give better emergence profile. In 2nd phase all upper bridges removed and abutments 15,13,12,21,23,25 and  22 for 3/4 crown prepared with vertical preparation technique for construction of  the definitive restorations. Cementation of Porcelain fused to zirconia crown and bridges  done with luting GIC from GC.

In 3rd phase implants 37,34,35 were restored along with replacement of crowns on tooth no 44 and 45.


#1 Pre OP Retracted

#2 Upper with contraster and PreOperative OPG

#3 Left and Right posterior quadrants

#4 Cantilever bridge to replace missing 11 with abutment 21 is removed.

#5 Final Preparation of the abutments

#6 Occlusal view

#7 before the insertion of short term bridge , CT graft is placed baccaly.

#8 Temporary bridge cemented with ovate Pontic

#9 Retracted view

#10 smile view

#11 Upper abutments prep, after the removal of temporaries and ready for cementation.

#12 vertical prep.

#13 Final prosthesis

#14  Final Retracted view.

#15 Upper arch with contraster

#16 Before and after Baccal view

#17 Occlusal  View

#18 Lateratrussive and protrussive Jaw Postions

#19 Post Operative smile

#20 Before and After Smile

#21 Emergence Profile of  vertical Prepped Abutments and Ovate Pontic

#22 Pre Operative and Post Operative OPG



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