Change Shoulder crown into Shoulder less crown.

Performed by: Maciej Czerwiński


Step by step protocol to change shoulder crown into Shoulder less crown. Vertical preparation gives us a simple preparation technique and predictable outcomes even with deep subgingival secondary caries.

#1 Before and After


#2 Initial situation


#3 Removing old porcelain fused to gold crown using diamond burs.


#4 Gingivectomy using GingiBurs and isolation improved using teflon tape


#5 Application of BioActiva around the shoulder.


#6  Vertical preparation using BattBurs


#7 Production of PMMA temporary crown from silicone index


#8 Healing process


#9 Double stage silicone impression


#10 Retraction if the gum using Teflon floss.


#11 Impression


#12 Ready full contour multilayer zirconia crown.


#13 Control visit 7 days after cementation.


#14  Before and After photos.



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