The key we are a great group

Written by:   Dr. Marco Maiolino


I spend a lot of time on this group, I spend a lot of time in office and at home doing photos, writing and thinking about what to post on this group, sometimes I asked myself why I do this? For sure I think that is an important part on my life but never really understood why, It stoles time from work, family, free time …
I get no money from tomorrow tooth …
Why at this point is so important?
Probably there a lot of hidden reasons but in these days, reading an article of Ericsson and Pool I realized one …it has been light a thunderbolt in a open sky.

A chapter was about medical profession. According to the authors research on this field proved that doctors practicing from 20-30 years were worst than doctor just specialized.
What has been found is that the mere repetition of a task every day is not, as usually thought, related to his improving or maintenance of this ability. The simple repetition of a task every day makes the doctor getting worst during the years.

The reality is that you go ahead or go back…no other roads. You can’t stop yourself thinking to maintain you abilities.

The simple time spent on a activity is not enough.
Experience means nothing.
Pratice alone is useless..

What do you need is what they call “focused practice”.
Focused practice need a sequence of small objectives in sequence to a bigger one.
Focused practice need feedback, you need something that tell you what you re doing and what you have to fix. If you don’t know where the mistake is you are at an end point.
Focused practice need to go out of what we have learnt, to go out of our comfort zone.

If you practice in a focused way  you can get always better. …to practice in this way is harder for the professional .
You need a strong motivation, you need feedback, you need new “inputs”.

I ‘ve always thought that the a big part of the quality of our life  is proportional to the commitment  to get the excellence in your field of application.
Work is a so important part of our time in the life that the quality of the time spent there is of utmost importance.
To get excellence need focused practice.
Focused practice need motivation, passion, feed back, increasing objectives, critical analysis.
It’s very difficult to do this alone, possible but though.
This is what tomorrow tooth is about….it’s a group that gives and ask motivation to its members , give feedback ,give new ideas, give what is needed in our personal road to excellence and  a better life.

Thanks to all the members that are part of this group.

I am proud of every single member that has the force after a day of work to open the laptop and look on web to improve himself .

And I start really to believe that, together, ordinary people can do extraordinary things.


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