Connective Tissue Graft to cover black abutment




Performed by Dr Daniele Bordonali


The Patient complained about the gingiva colour and the different hight of the Zenit on left central incisor.

this was due to the dark colour of the abutment, a zirconia crown was performed about 1 year ago to try to fix this issue without a good esthetic outcome.

The main reason was the thin biotype that is not thicker enough to cover the dark abutment in the cervical area.

For this reason, a connective tissue graft was performed to thicker the marginal gingiva above the crown.

Another advantage of this kind of approach is that with soft tissue rebounding and creeping, the gingival level will be more coronal.

A tunnelling technique was performed to avoid to leave a scar on the esthetic area, a Crescent Ophthalmic Micro Surgical Knife was used to create a split-thickness socket where placed and suture the graft with 6/0.


#1 Baseline




#2  Measuring with a probe the hight of the marginal gingiva


#3  The dark abutment is visible in the cervical area


#4  Dark abutment


#5  Microsurgical knife


#6  The ctg graft placed on gingiva to verify the right dimension


#7  First suture of ctg


#8 Second suture of ctg


#9  ctg in placed and sutured


#10  Gingiva sutured and adapted to create a stable clot on ctg


#11  Suture removal and healing



#12    5 months follow up



#13 Outcome



#14  Before and after result



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