Bone level composite restoration at long term recall.

Performed by: Dr Marco Maiolino







This case is about the management of a very deep subgingival decay without any kind of surgical approach nor bone contouring, despite the almost bone level depth of the lesion. The correct management of the composite in the subgingival environment, if correctly placed, make possible to have absolute periodontal health and complete restitutio ad integrum of the interproximal tissue despite the initial papillectomy to gain access to the carious lesion. Relocation of the margin in order to deliver an indirect ceramic restoration has been accomplished to finalize this case.


#1  The preoperative situation with bitewing X-ray



# 2  Showing the depth of the lesion and the relocated margin



#3 Buccal view of the relocated margin and the preparation for the ceramic restoration





#5  Delivery of the ceramic restoration and close up of the contact point

#6  1-year recall



#7 4-years recall 



#8  Details of the x-ray showing what happens on bone crest after violation with the re-establishment of a new biologic space


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