The Failure of the restoration of the Upper Right Incisive solved with the Veneers approach.



Performed by: Dr Marco Maiolino





A young lady come to our observation complaining about the failing restoration on her right upper central incisor (tooth 1.1) and asking to fix this and, if possible, to improve her smile. Teeth were both palatally displaced so there was room to move them labially using veneers restoring the alignment between the incisors and also with the whole dental arch. A minimal preparation with a slight opening of the interproximal space was carried in order to give freedom to the technician to work at its best.
Veneers were made with feldspathic ceramic using the platinum foil technique. After try-in and patient acceptance, the veneers were adhesively bonded.
The final result shows a good integration and the restoration of a better more appealing smile.



# 1 Preoperative intraoral photo





# 2 Social smile and maximum smile





#3 Preparation with OOO cord in situ





#4 Lateral view of the prep



#5 Model in polyurethane resin





# 6 Alveolar model






#7 Detail of the edge generated by the use of the batt  bur





#8 Platinum foil adapted





#9 Silicone index to guide the layering




#10 Ceramic layering






#11 Veneers finished on model





#12 Veneers





#13 Split dam isolation and cord





#14 Bonding one by one





#15 Bonding one by one





#16 Veneers at 1 week





#17 Final smile





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