What’s New in December 2019

 This Special month, we are glad to introduce you, two Educational Videos performed by

Dr Marco Maiolino and Dr Stevan Kopanja


Dr Marco Maiolino explains you the shoulderless preparation approach by Tomorrow Tooth in a molar. Full sequence Step by Step with a resin and silicone model and a Microscopic view.





The goal of this presentation is to summarise diagnosis, classification and treatment planning for endodontic and periodontal lesions. Through a series of cases, it will be shown and explained how effectively to do diagnostic procedures and treat them.



Discover a  new journey in the
Tomorrow Tooth Educational Project 


The Vertical Lab


A new opportunity to know and develop your skills and outcomes with this exclusive format dedicated at all the steps involved in the Vertical preparations by Tomorrow Tooth. By a One to One learning and comparison approach in two days, you can analyse the full laboratory protocol through the Hands-On experience both in the digital and analogical workflow. Ideal for the Technician and also for the Dentist that works with the digital approach in his office.


Hello guys, don’t forget that the early entries to the course of Prof. Semenza at a discounted price close on 15 th December 2019.




Show me more info about this hands-on course




Enjoy our latest meeting in Warsaw





Upper Arch Restoration with PFZ crowns and some feldspathic…as usual vertical preparations…

included a short follow up.



Show me this new case report by Dr Marco Maiolino





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