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Preview The Provisional: what are the differences between Vertical and Horizontal Protocols

Discover the main considerations of these two approaches…What is important in clinical reality



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The dark side of Rubber Dam. Part III.


A new interesting article about the rubber dam by Dr Paquale Venuti





We have analyzed, in the former article, the geometrical incompatibility among the rubber dam hole and the cervical contour of the tooth. The resulting open spaces has two effects:

  •  allow fluids passages under the pressure of muscles (tongue, cheek, lips) and under the gravity force
  • can promote fluids passage by means of capillarity

The capillarity action is the ability of a liquid to rise up in narrow space without the assistance of…



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The Vertical Lab in Egypt on this January 25-26
by D.T.  Emanuele Tarascio  with  D.T.  Abdelhalim Faris


The laboratory workflow in vertical preparations is important like the clinical. The correct dialogue between Clinician and Technician is fundamental to reach the best result in the vertical approach in fixed dental prosthesis.


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As we promised you the new date of your Vertiprep Hands-On course is now available 



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First stop of 2020 Rabat in Morocco, Dr Marco Maiolino will do a 3 days course on restorative dentistry on anterior and posterior with hands-on (day 1 and 2 ), the third day about new indications on indirect adhesive dentistry and vertical preparations. See you there!


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