Upper central incisor fracture handled with Veneer and Vertical Preparation approach

Performed by: Dr Marco Maiolino








A patient comes to my observation with a trauma, suffered doing a sports activity,  that involved the fracture of his central superior incisors. We opted to solve this case with the Veneers approach and Vertical preparation.



#1 Preoperative  situation




#2 Lateral view




#3  Veneers prepared  with vertical preparation and Teflon placed for retraction



#4 Check of the space with the silicon index




#5 Check of the space in the cervical area




#6 Check of the space of the other incisor




#7  Detail of the cervical retraction with the Teflon tape



#8 Zeiser model poured with the polyurethane resin



#9 Platinum foil adapted



#10 Veneers on model



#11 Veneers



#12  Delivery of the  Veneers



#13 Follow up at 1 year







#14 Lateral view at 1 year





#15 Final smile  after 1 year




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