How to overcome reduced thickness of the crown

What’s New in April 2020


Preview How to Overcome Reduced Thickness of the Crown?

Chipping Margins on Vertical + Lab. Practice


Dr Marco Maiolino and D.T. Emanuele Tarascio explain how to solve this common problem with the Tomorrow Tooth Lab. Technique.


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A video case report about the management of a single recession

with a Trapezoidal approach


performed by Dr Daniele Bordonali



Managing Anxiety in Dentistry

separating the way from panic and calm and managing anxiety

a new editorial from Dr Marco Maiolino




Dear all

As I have posted before, we in Italy are on total lockdown due to this pandemic, and since I am unable to post many cases, thought of sharing my past experiences in dentistry with all. I know many of us have faced similar situations and learnt from them. Hopefully, this helps some or many :-):

“This was many years ago but still the memory is deeply etched in my mind……….

I was a “Junior” dentist working under my father without a dental assistant at my side and a huge row of patients behind my office doors with very limited time allotted to work on them. It was an endodontic treatment on a molar that day….obviously no rubber dam at that time…but I was…


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