RECLUSION DAY 35…talking about ” Positive Attitude”

Written by Dr Marco Maiolino



When I talk about the positive attitude I find a lot of people not fully understanding what I mean, they think that I see only good discarding the bad……but that’s not true, it’s actually far from the truth. To have a positive attitude doesn’t mean to go through nasty situations and be happy ….quite the opposite. The first thing we have to recognize is the acceptance of what happens in reality. In dentistry, I can talk about failures in a positive way but this doesn’t mean I enjoy when the patient comes back to my office complaining about that chipped margin or crown that comes off or a failed end result……..I hate this.
Even if you see me organizing my time, organizing webinars, a crazy race on stairs it doesn’t mean I actually like my seclusion. I DONT …..rather I hate it … I hate also running up and down the stairs of my building for 100 floors, I hate looking at a sunny day knowing that I am only allowed to see and feel it from my window and see the police cars going up and down the street looking for people who are loitering on streets. Today in Messina we had the mayor on television showing that in these days (it’s easter so they’re scared of people coming out ) they are using a lot of drones to check the city, looking for people committing the “crime” of taking sun outside their home.
A positive attitude is not avoiding the facts and hiding behind a smiley face …..positive attitude is something that comes after.
Before developing a positive attitude you have to learn that we, soon or later, will face adversities…….in many ways…a divorce, the death of a beloved, a parent, what you want. The attempt to escape these situations, the attempt not to talk about these adversities is the first thing you have to learn to avoid. Adversities are a part of our life and the first thing you have to learn is not to say: why me? but instead always think: why not me? we live in a world full of chaos and we have to learn to accept this. The acceptance of our smallness, our insignificance is the first step to develop before moving to a positive attitude.
A positive attitude is what you do AFTER you have accepted the situation. It’s the force to do what’s better for you after having accepted the bad scenario where you find yourself in. It’s the force to force your mind to think even in these situations: ……will this help me or damage me?
IT’S THE FORCE to stop your immediate reaction to adversity,( anger and denial) and move to a thoughtful action …. (Will this help me or damage me ?) It’s the force to understand with the time that adversities usually shapes us better ………
This is what being with a positive attitude really means…in dentistry, this is the force to look with the obsession to your failures trying to understand how to really avoid them in the future.
It’s the force to think something useful in a moment when actually we would like just to complain. It’s in these critical moments that, sometimes, we are blessed to learn something completely new or come up with wonderful ideas.
it’s the force to understand that creativity is the sum of moments of unsatisfaction, here your mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week tries to fix problems you ‘ve recognized in your life, in your work.
This is what positive attitude is about, and if you don’t understand this and think that it’s just to smile to adversities you have understood zero.
I am at day 35 and I have to do at least 20 more now….., but today I am upset, really upset …probably because I saw on a TV show, police, going after people guilty of going outside for a bit of sun. What upsets more is that some people actually enjoy to hunt and shout at people…..
I am upset …but I will never leave myself in a void of complaining .
This is a positive attitude.

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