Corona Virus, Crisis , Lock Down , WHAT ELSE? Some ideas for these tough times

Written by Dr Marco Maiolino










In a unique situation for this globalized world, we all have been affected by the lockdown, the downgrading of all activities, the fear along the street.

I live in Italy and we have been one of the most affected countries in the world.

My very the local area has not been affected so much from a sanitary point of view, but the measures chosen from the government made a social and economical situation that’s much worst than the virus itself.

South of Italy was already the poorest part of Italy, in the last decade with tourism thanks to its amazing beauties, beaches, landscape and history, it slightly improved its condition.

With the stop of the season and the forced stop for more than 2 months of all activities, the economical damage is huge.

Obviously any field has its rules.

I am a dentist.

This is my game.

In these days I hear a lot of colleagues spending their time in the vain art of complaining against the government, unlucky events.

I heard them talking about firing people, about changing work.

They become immediately afraid of spending money on their activities, people are without work, who will spend money in dentistry?

There is something true in these words, but there is much more harm hidden than people expect.

Life is counterintuitive.

When a captain find a storm with his ship, he must be in control of his emotions

He needs that his workers have to be confident that he will able to succeed.

He needs them to be confident in their future.

If the captain starts to cry, what do you think other people below him will start to do?

We, humans, are animals, the real virus is not the coronavirus …the real virus are our emotions.

If we communicate fear and anxiety, people that are connected to our position, employees, wives, husbands, families will be affected.

The real virus is ourselves spreading negativity all around.

Worst is the situation, more confidence you have to show and build, really build, in yourself.

Winning nowadays is an easy game for those with the right mindset …there is a proverb saying: in the land of blind people even a one-eyed man is the king.

We are programmed for thinking to the bad, in the past probably this had a higher percentage of survival but not now. this is the point.

We are built for negativity, so we need to work hard against our nature and move in a different direction

It’s the work of life and never ends.

In this period after coronavirus, my staff is positive, they’re at their places waiting to start as a runner is waiting for the start in a marathon.

They received their salary.

I didn’t.

I showed them that the captain in the storm is the first to catch water spray on his face without going back because in the storm we have not to go back but to go forward.

A counterintuitive thought is that in hard times you need to invest …

sometimes this means to spend money…of course not on nice things but on your activity.

Sometimes you need to spend time…

It’s when the land is dry that the farmer broke his back bringing water and seeds to the land. In the same way, there are moments in life, like this, when you need to break your back, buy seeds, buy water, work, maybe do very little money.

But, in the same way after a season, the farmer harvests its field and with very little effort has a lot to eat, in the same way, our offices work.

People are scared to invest cause they don’t see the result. They have a short term view.

You have to build a vision and be trustful in your future.

The story teaches us that every crisis is just a game-changer.

After a crisis, there will always be people stronger than before, people, weaker than before.

A crisis is able to speeded-up process that without it would be extremely slow.

Patients will move faster probably across the offices, some of them, because of fear, will look differently the cleanliness of an office and a bit less to money.

A crisis may be a great moment of opportunities and change of status quo.

You need vision

Just believe.



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