What’s New in October 2020


Surgery is much more than clean cutting and clean suturing, especially when dealing with procedures born for soft tissue or hard tissue augmentation and in the last years before doing these procedures, I always have a chat with Daniele Bordonali.
Daniele focused a lot on this kind of surgery and has a daily clinical practical knowledge.
On 20th of October join us in Tomorrow Tooth Study Club where we will discuss how to release flap, different options, tip and tricks and much more.


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Tomorrow Tooth Study Club private Facebook group


Show me the Advantages of Membership PlanS




a new editorial by Dr Marco Maiolino


When I was in my 20 years old, I started doing dentistry. In the beginning, it wasn’t good dentistry, neither acceptable…

it was ugly and so bad dentistry, I was working without scheduling patients, on a 30 min all included available time with an overwhelmed waiting room.

From that situation, I‘ve been able to arise to…


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