Written by Dr Marco Maiolino







When I was in my 20 years old, I started doing dentistry. In the beginning, it wasn’t good dentistry, neither acceptable was ugly and so bad dentistry, I was working without scheduling patients, on a 30 min all included available time with an overwhelmed waiting room.
From that situation, I‘ve been able to arise to highly appreciable dentistry. My secret? talent ? not really…. a mentor? Would have liked….but haven’t…I started having good teaching colleagues long after I was already able to produce above-average dentistry.
My real secret has been in my personal definition of a standard.
When I started going around at courses and congresses, I was looking at their stunning presentations I was crushed by the clinical difference and I never, never, thought that doing that kind of dentistry was something possible just for a bunch of lucky people.
People around me were always telling me that the standard in a real practice was completely different. They were accepting a low standard ‘cause their mind was driving them in that direction.
I, conversely, set a high standard. I felt I had the right and all that was needed to ask myself to get to that level. I never thought to have something less than that bunch of people on the stage.
Yes, probably very few of them, the really talented ones, maybe not reachable, but not all the people on a stage. I was sure to have all the qualities to be able, one day, to do that kind of dentistry. When you set yourself for a high standard, you look how to move in that direction, you see everything under a different light change. It’s not just something you do to get a salary, it becomes a challenge with yourself… when you see that you’re progressing boredom and tiredness are two meaningless words.
Over time you start to love the path and not the final goal so that you move from the everyday short vision to a lifelong one.
This vision starts to affect your life and you, become to see the whole life similarly.
And everything started by a single moment where you decide what you can do and what you can’t, or to be more precise …when you become to really believe about what you can do.
A few days ago I read a book “ 4 hours a week “ by Tim Ferriss, and I wanna report a short part: the author did a lesson at Princeton university and offered an award: a flight ticket for whatever part of the world for the winner of a challenge.
The challenge was to be able to contact three famous public persons like Bill Clinton, J.Lo,
or similar and obtain at least one answer to three questions.
No one of the 20 students was able to win, no one really tried thinking it was not possible.
The following year the author did the same challenge saying to students that the previous year other students had been able to win the challenge.
6 over 17 students were able to win by 48 hours.
How much you will be able to win is dependent on how strong you believe you can be a winner in your mind.




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