What’s New in February 2021






… And for February, as usual, we go LIVE with our STUDY CLUB, see you Friday 26th of February at 21.00 (Rome time-zone) for a lecture on the post. We will talk about THE REASON BEHIND our choice of moving away from fiber post toward stiffer solutions.

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Hello guys, your next journey in prosthetic dentistry preparations is ready to start.

Enjoy the brand new video course about the prosthetic Vertical preparations at 360° and discover how to improve your prosthetic skills and long term follow up.
Discover why some rules are dated and how to see the reality in a different and efficient, patient-centred, mode.
A full lectures review about the vertical prosthetic approach by Tomorrow Tooth with all micro and macro aspects unveiled step by step and performed by his founders Dr Pasquale Venuti and Dr Marco Maiolino.




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