Bogdan Acatrinei

Tomorrow Tooth Board Member

He could have worked anywhere in the world after studying Implantology at UCLA School of Dentistry, but chose to come back home and invest efforts in teaching and mentoring, actively shaping the future of dentistry. Thus, Bogdan is constantly traveling to widely share knowledge, research, document and launch the latest international trends, technologies and techniques in dentistry.
Bogdan Acatrinei’s multi-specialty practice is located in Romania. For the past 13+ years, he has limited his patient and research work to dental implant therapy and advanced aesthetic dentistry.
Dr Bogdan’s strong knowledge in his field, combined with his charismatic personality, attract patients and students from all over the world to wherever he is giving lectures or practicing his work. Thus, currently commutes to serve patients in two cities one in Romania – Constanta and Barcelona Spain.
Dr Bogdan teaches implant dentistry extensively worldwide and he is lecturing nationally and internationally since 2008, teaching on Prosthetics & Implant dentistry. 
Bogdan’s fluent language skills in Romanian, English and Italian enhance his ability to connect with an international audience. 

He is the Finalist of the first international competition organised by the most prestigious European Prosthetic Academy – AIOP Bologna Italy (held in 2014 , 70 dentists from 50 countries competed).
Dr Bogdan is a full time: Son. Brother.Father. Friend. Dentist. His greatest passion is research and education in dentistry, being a founder and lecturer of SuperDent Education & Managing Partner of Super-Dent 92 Dental Clinique.