Welcome to Tomorrow Tooth, the “other voice” of dentistry. Join this group if you want to follow something different…we love NOT to do just show but to understand clinical steps and our interest in the long term result of our therapies and NOT in the immediate result.
In restorative we are more focused on the matrixing and profile than in fancy and useless anatomy and stain; in endo we are more focused on the preservation of the dentin and the biomechanics of teeth believing in the endorestorative continuum; in prostho we are focused on the long term outcome and we have developed something different in the land of vertical preparation technique…we are in love with cognitive problems, psychology and everything related to us as humans. The group has been founded by Dr. Pasquale Venuti and Dr. Marco Maiolino in 2014.

They have been strongly influenced by Roberto Magallanes Ramos in the global approach to the profession, David Clark ideas and products in restorative dentistry, John Khademi in the endodontic field, and Massimo Mazza in the love of magnification.
In the years the group expanded worldwide and is now organized in a executive group formed by the founders together with Dr. Stevan Kopanja, Dr. Vasile Cirimpei, Dr. A. Tawfik.
We have members from all over the world; you will recognize them for their continuous effort in expanding tomorrow tooth approach and posting cases.

Enjoy you stay here.

How to get away with complications. The rules of a flawless preparation by the Tomorrow Tooth’s Vertical prep. secrets... when and where you want

Hands-On Courses

The Epitome of Shoulderless Preparation


The Vertical Lab. One to One Hands-On

(Technician and Dentist)

Some comments about Hands-On course on Vertiprep

“The content of the course is very informative and highly applicable for the next day in own practice.
Authentic and honest persons teaching conclusions from their own mistakes and experiences and therefore minimizing my rate/heaviness of mistakes in everyday practice.
Working now much more confident in my patients”



“Everything had been perfect! The attention of the doctors has been brilliant! Full of the patient!
The content of the information have been intensive, maybe I would give some bibliography to have a look at home.
Really worth it that course and all the tomorrow tooth team”



“Inadequacies of old and actual tooth preparation techniques are examined and explained using theoretical models.
There are geometrical and kinematic ideas that are applied in a logical order to vital and root canal treated teeth. Periodontological aspects such as the biological width, incomplete tooth eruption, recessions in relation to tooth preparation forms are also considered.
The practical part exercising on models and controlled afterwards through a lab scan, also preparing models under the lab microscope made it a full protocol course.
Marco Maiolino, Daniele Bordonali, Emanuelle Tarascio and Pasquale Venuti offer an open-minded, practical lesson in actual prosthetic concepts. Siracusa and the region offers a warm, sunny experience the days around the course.
An absolutely must for colleagues willing to step forward in dentistry”.